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    The new method to apply a global color effect to any image or video.

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Volume 1 – Fashion

10 Color Effects …

The fashion package is specially designed for actual photography.

With just one adjustment layer you can get this color in your photos.

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  • Before-01 Bleached
    After-01 Bleached
    Before01 BleachedAfter
  • Before-02 Warm
    After-02 Warm
    Before02 WarmAfter
  • Before-03 Action Film
    After-03 Action Film
    Before03 Action FilmAfter
  • Before-04 Polaroid
    After-04 Polaroid
    Before04 PolaroidAfter
  • Before-05 Low Schindler
    After-05 Low Schindler
    Before05 Low SchindlerAfter
  • Before-06 Troya
    After-06 Troya
    Before06 TroyaAfter
  • Before-07 Colorless Ultra Black & White
    After-07 Colorless Ultra Black & White
    Before07 Colorless Ultra Black & WhiteAfter
  • Before-08 Valencia
    After-08 Valencia
    Before08 ValenciaAfter
  • Before-09 Vintage Chic
    After-09 Vintage Chic
    Before09 Vintage ChicAfter
  • Before-10 Classic Vintage
    After-10 Classic Vintage
    Before10 Classic VintageAfter
  • Before-01 Deep Contrast
    After-01 Deep Contrast
    Before01 Deep ContrastAfter
  • Before-02 Colorless
    After-02 Colorless
    Before02 ColorlessAfter
  • Before-03 Sweet Dreams
    After-03 Sweet Dreams
    Before03 Sweet DreamsAfter
  • Before-04 Orange Blue Duotone
    After-04 Orange Blue Duotone
    Before04 Orange Blue DuotoneAfter
  • Before-05 Autumn Spirit
    After-05 Autumn Spirit
    Before05 Autumn SpiritAfter
  • Before-06 Autumn Light
    After-06 Autumn Light
    Before06 Autumn LightAfter
  • Before-07 Feeling
    After-07 Feeling
    Before07 FeelingAfter
  • Before-08 Purple Shadows
    After-08 Purple Shadows
    Before08 Purple ShadowsAfter
  • Before-09 Indian Summer
    After-09 Indian Summer
    Before09 Indian SummerAfter

Volume 2 – Colored Faces

9 Color Effects …

The Colored Faces package has been developed thinking of the strong color change of an image and for that reason, the use of these effects with fusion modes creates smooth changes that characterize the photo.

With just one adjustment layer you can get this color in your photos.

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Volume 3 – Spring

22 Stunning Color Effects …

The spring package is specially designed for outdoor photography.

Inspired by the colors of spring to create warm and emotional environments.

With just one adjustment layer you can get this color in your photos.

More information

  • Before-01 Vintage Spring
    After-01 Vintage Spring
    Before01 Vintage SpringAfter
  • Before-02 Deep Vintage Spring
    After-02 Deep Vintage Spring
    Before02 Deep Vintage SpringAfter
  • Before-03 Glowing Morning
    After-03 Glowing Morning
    Before03 Glowing MorningAfter
  • Before-04 Cold Day
    After-04 Cold Day
    Before04 Cold DayAfter
  • Before-05 Flower
    After-05 Flower
    Before05 FlowerAfter
  • Before-06 Soft Warm
    After-06 Soft Warm
    Before06 Soft WarmAfter
  • Before-07 Rainy Days
    After-07 Rainy Days
    Before07 Rainy DaysAfter
  • Before-08 Deep Spring
    After-08 Deep Spring
    Before08 Deep SpringAfter
  • Before-09 Jamaica Rose
    After-09 Jamaica Rose
    Before09 Jamaica RoseAfter
  • Before-10 Cold Warm
    After-10 Cold Warm
    Before10 Cold WarmAfter
  • Before-11 Aster
    After-11 Aster
    Before11 AsterAfter
  • Before-12 Pale Yellow
    After-12 Pale Yellow
    Before12 Pale YellowAfter
  • Before-13 Glycine
    After-13 Glycine
    Before13 GlycineAfter
  • Before-14 Deep Warm
    After-14 Deep Warm
    Before14 Deep WarmAfter
  • Before-15 Extra Vintage
    After-15 Extra Vintage
    Before15 Extra VintageAfter
  • Before-16 Gentle Sun
    After-16 Gentle Sun
    Before16 Gentle SunAfter
  • Before-17 Cyan Pastel
    After-17 Cyan Pastel
    Before17 Cyan PastelAfter
  • Before-18 Lavender Pastel
    After-18 Lavender Pastel
    Before18 Lavender PastelAfter
  • Before-19 Yellow Pastel
    After-19 Yellow Pastel
    Before19 Yellow PastelAfter
  • Before-20 Green Pastel
    After-20 Green Pastel
    Before20 Green PastelAfter
  • Before-21 White Pastel
    After-21 White Pastel
    Before21 White PastelAfter
  • Before-22 Peach Pastel
    After-22 Peach Pastel
    Before22 Peach PastelAfter


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